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Murray & Gillespie Quantity Surveyors Ltd

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Development Appraisals

Our detailed and comprehensive development appraisals provide clients with a clear understanding of whether their property development project has the ability to meet its budget.

Murray & Gillespie Quantity Surveyors Ltd present all information in a clear and concise manner allowing for informed decisions to be made. We can also advise on appropriate solutions to any discrepancies we have highlighted.

Murray & Gillespie Quantity Surveyors Ltd

A property development appraisal will ensure you stay within budget

Why Are Development Appraisals Important?

A viability appraisal will provide a client with a strong rationale when making key decisions such as:

Completing projects as per granted planning permissions
Demolishing partially complete buildings
Developing alternative design proposals
Reviewing and revising materials specification

All development appraisals are completed with complete independence, integrity and objectivity by our team of experienced chartered quantity surveyors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I ensure a property development project will be within budget?

Only through advanced budgeting and cost management will a property development project be within budget. Get in touch with Murray & Gillespie Quantity Surveyors Ltd to start the process.

Can you provide advice on how to address budgeting issues?

Yes. Following a viability appraisal, our team will be able to offer practical advice on how to resolve any budgeting discrepancies. Get in touch with us today.

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