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Murray & Gillespie Quantity Surveyors Ltd

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Value Engineering

Murray & Gillespie Quantity Surveyors Ltd deliver significant cost and functional improvements by gathering critical data gathered from our clients' practices.

We focus on key types of value engineering in construction that impact foundations, structures and finishes, such as:

Availability of materials
Construction methods
Planning and organisation
Site restrictions or limitations

By using our value engineering services, clients can eliminate unwanted costs while improving function and quality.

Murray & Gillespie Quantity Surveyors Ltd

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Our Value Engineering Process

Murray & Gillespie Quantity Surveyors Ltd apply the criteria of value engineering across public and private sector projects in Dublin and Donegal.

Our integrated approach is designed to be implemented right through to site delivery and construction.

Benefits of value engineering include:

Cost savings
Improvement in quality
Reduction in life cycle costs
Reduction of environmental impact

Frequently Asked Questions

Does value engineering analysis have a shelf life? Or will a separate analysis be required if time has passed?

A new analysis would only be necessary if the scope of the project has changed significantly or where opportunities to incorporate newly available technologies or innovations have presented themselves.

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