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Murray & Gillespie Quantity Surveyors Ltd

Ensure your building is not over or under insured

Reinstatement Valuation

Murray & Gillespie Quantity Surveyors Ltd provide a reinstatement valuation service for domestic, commercial and industrial properties in Dublin and Donegal.

If a building has become damaged, we can perform a complete and thorough valuation, aimed at assessing the cost of reinstating the property to its original condition.

Our team of chartered surveyors will carry out a site visit, measure the floor areas of the buildings from existing floor plans and calculate the cost of the restoration.

The reinstatement value of a property - be it domestic, commercial or industrial - will be based on our experience and cost information data bases.

Murray & Gillespie Quantity Surveyors Ltd

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to organise a reinstatement valuation of a property?

Valuations should be checked periodically to ensure you are not over or under insured. Contact our team in Dublin or Donegal to organise a consultation.

Is the reinstatement valuation of the property linked to the value of the property?

No. These two factors are in no way linked. The reinstatement valuation simply evaluates the cost of restoring a property to its original condition.

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